How to choose your pension contract

How to choose your pension contract

Foresight is an effective solution to guard against the hazards of life. Several points need to be checked in order to choose the right pension plan .

The goal is to optimize your choice according to your needs and the benefits that the provider offers over time. Indeed, it is not a question of considering the price only (remember that the subscriber can benefit from tax reduction). To help you make the right choice of the pension plan , we offer you this guide with valuable advice.

Tips for choosing your pension plan
Take out a pension plan with a disability rate based on the professional scale instead of a functional and professional cross-rating. It is important to understand the method of calculating the annuity compensation rate in the event of partial disability.

Opt for a product with the lowest intervention threshold of the contract in disability. Verify that the insured is the ordering party to the medical expertise. rivilege a contract that can be terminated at any time without being required to adhere to a fixed deadline. Lump sum compensation is better than compensation for daily benefits and disability if your income varies from one year to the next.

Choose a pension plan that provides coverage up to age 67 rather than age 65. Also give preference to contracts offering extension up to 70 years; this could be useful in case of continued activity.
Ensure that the policy will cover death in old age and that the policy will not be canceled upon retirement.
Analyze exclusions from contracts based on your profession.


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