How to choose your accounting firm

How to choose your accounting firm

It is not always easy to choose a chartered accountant . To help you find a true professional who can best manage your activities, here are 6 important points to consider.

Certification and skills of the accountant
To be sure that the accountant is qualified and reliable, it must be verified that he or she is registered on the roll of the accountants . Another important point: make sure that he is competent in your sector of activity so that he can respond effectively to your needs.

The reactivity
In this constantly evolving field, responsiveness is a major asset that the accountant must have. It must therefore keep you informed of changes in accounting, legal, social and tax legislation in synchronous mode. Its purpose is to help you equip yourself with the best devices according to the law in force. In addition, the role of advisor, which is conferred on him by the leader, causes him to react promptly.

The availability
The chartered accountant must be free to contact or meet him! To make sure, make sure he is not too busy with his existing customers. The best is to have a professional who works with other people. If not, the number of clients to manage should not be important.

Geographic proximity
A chartered accountant nearby is rather appreciated, but it is not an essential criterion for all companies. Others also prefer to use a qualified professional accountant online. In addition to ease of access, the accountant's office must be well equipped with the necessary infrastructure. Do not hesitate to contact a chartered accountant in Lorient .

The equipment
The accountant must also have the necessary technical equipment and control it. An effective technical service requires adequate resources such as: IT tools, payroll management tools among others.

The fees
The quality-price ratio of the service provided must be collectible. In other words, the proposed benefit must be worth the fees of a public accountant. It should be noted that the rate often depends on skills, seniority, the quality of its services, its reputation and the cost structure (which may vary depending on the size of the rent charges).

While some accountants define their fees contractually in advance, others offer flat rates.


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