Focus on funeral insurance contract

Focus on funeral insurance contract

The funeral insurance contracts allow the French to anticipate the financing or the organization of their funeral. There are however many options that are sometimes hard to choose. You will discover in this article, some tips to accompany you in the choice of your funeral insurance contract.

Why choose a funeral insurance policy?
The funeral insurance policy is very different from the death insurance policy already discussed on our website. It can support financially your loved ones in case of death and also offers you the opportunity to organize your funeral in advance to relieve your surroundings.

The average age of subscription to this type of insurance is about 50-60 years and the amount of contributions is defined according to your age.

What kind of contract?
There are several types of funeral insurance policies according to your wishes. If you only want to financially help your loved ones to organize your funeral, you should choose a funeral insurance capital.

If you wish to organize and finance all your funerals, it will then be necessary to choose a funeral insurance in personalized or standardized service. Instead, prefer the personalized service to have a service that suits you perfectly.

For which contribution?
The cost of funeral insurance is constantly increasing because it is related to the cost of funerals. However, we can say that this amount is, on average, between 3000 and 4000 €. As stated above, the amount of your contribution will depend on how old you are on your policy.

The benefits of the funeral insurance policy?
This type of contract is advantageous because it is exempt from inheritance tax. You can directly inquire with your financial institution or advisor.


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