Expatriate insurance: Go abroad with peace of mind

Expatriate insurance: Go abroad with peace of mind

Have you decided to leave for some time abroad? In search of sun, to live new professional and personal experiences or to want to learn a new language? An expatriate insurance is essential to go with confidence.

Adapted health insurance
Depending on your profile whether you are globe trotter, vacationer, retiree, student or employee, it is necessary to have insurance adapted to your situation.
Indeed, foreign health systems are very different from one country to another. The French system is one of the most advantageous. Therefore, to spend your stay safely and keep a good health coverage, it is essential to subscribe to insurance that will cover all the risks you will incur (illness, hospitalization, ...), yourself and your family.

In the end, why join?
Remember that expatriate insurance will allow you to cover your health expenses abroad (medical consultations, hospitalization, medical care, medicines, ...), to be repatriated, guarantee your luggage in case of loss or theft as well as be covered by a civil liability.


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