All about disability insurance

All about disability insurance

To benefit from a disability insurance is to be able to claim a pension in case of loss of salary following a disabling illness. Indeed, this situation can occur at any time, and, to face this eventuality, the disability insurance is a very important option since it allows the subscriber, who has lost his main source of income, to benefit. a pension to provide for his needs but also to pay all bills of care related to his condition.

Conditions for benefiting from disability insurance
Have you had an accident or illness that made you disabled? Therefore, by being unable to resume your professional activity, you have lost your salary. By fulfilling certain conditions, you can apply for disability insurance with your insurer. If you have not yet reached the legal retirement age, if your disability and earnings are reduced by at least 2/3, if you have been insured for one year when you were disabled and finally if you have paid for a certain number of working hours, you can then benefit from this disability insurance.

How to apply?
Either you have a medical certificate issued by your doctor, attesting to your disability that you will send to your insurance fund, or it is the medical adviser of your insurance fund that will require a medical check-up for you ensure your inability to resume your professional activity. Once the disability is found, he will offer you a disability pension . In both cases, you must complete a form, the S4150, claiming disability pension, providing all the certificates proving your total or partial disabilitythat you will join your request, without further delay, to your health insurance fund. The examination of the applicant's file may be spread over a period of two months.

After this period, the caisse informs you of the acceptance of your file and assigns you a pension notification with the category to which you are classified and, this, according to the rate of your disability fixed by the health insurance. Either it means a refusal by informing you of the remedies to follow. You can contact your insurance fund to assist you in your application for a disability pension


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