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Focus on funeral insurance contract

The funeral insurance contracts allow the French to anticipate the financing or the organization of their funeral. There are however many options that are sometimes hard to choose. You will discover in this article, some tips to accompany you in the choice of your funeral insurance contract.

Why choose a funeral insurance policy?
The funeral insurance policy is very different from the death insurance policy already discussed on our website. It can support financially your loved ones in case of death and also offers you the opportunity to organize your funeral in advance to relieve your surroundings.

The average age of subscription to this type of insurance is about 50-60 years and the amount of contributions is defined according to your age.

What kind of contract?
There are several types of funeral insurance policies according to your wishes. If you only want to financially help your loved ones to organize your funeral, you should choose a funeral insurance capital.

If you wish to organize and finance all your funerals, it will then be necessary to choose a funeral insurance in personalized or standardized service. Instead, prefer the personalized service to have a service that suits you perfectly.

For which contribution?
The cost of funeral insurance is constantly increasing because it is related to the cost of funerals. However, we can say that this amount is, on average, between 3000 and 4000 €. As stated above, the amount of your contribution will depend on how old you are on your policy.

The benefits of the funeral insurance policy?
This type of contract is advantageous because it is exempt from inheritance tax. You can directly inquire with your financial institution or advisor.
Life insurance: what if I want to take back my funds?

A life insurance contract is established over time. However, the money you have paid is available and it is possible to recover your funds. Here are the three options available to you.

The closing of the contract or total repurchase
By choosing to close your life insurance policy, you opt for a recovery of your funds at one time. This choice is final, you will not be able to subscribe to a new contract by optimizing immediately its taxation. You find all of your assets but you can lose significant benefits during an estate, so think twice before taking this option.

The partial purchase of your life insurance
You do not have to close your life insurance to recover your capital. This can be done in part only. You can let the other party continue to grow and keep its tax advantages acquired. This option allows you to supplement your retirement or to face unforeseen expenses for example.

Transformation of the contract into a pension
This option allows you to convert all or part of your savings into an amount that will be paid periodically until the end of your life. This choice does not allow you to go back, but it ensures you a constant income as long as you are alive. This life annuity is a good option, especially if you have centenarians in the family!
Expatriate insurance: Go abroad with peace of mind

Have you decided to leave for some time abroad? In search of sun, to live new professional and personal experiences or to want to learn a new language? An expatriate insurance is essential to go with confidence.

Adapted health insurance
Depending on your profile whether you are globe trotter, vacationer, retiree, student or employee, it is necessary to have insurance adapted to your situation.
Indeed, foreign health systems are very different from one country to another. The French system is one of the most advantageous. Therefore, to spend your stay safely and keep a good health coverage, it is essential to subscribe to insurance that will cover all the risks you will incur (illness, hospitalization, ...), yourself and your family.

In the end, why join?
Remember that expatriate insurance will allow you to cover your health expenses abroad (medical consultations, hospitalization, medical care, medicines, ...), to be repatriated, guarantee your luggage in case of loss or theft as well as be covered by a civil liability.
All about disability insurance

To benefit from a disability insurance is to be able to claim a pension in case of loss of salary following a disabling illness. Indeed, this situation can occur at any time, and, to face this eventuality, the disability insurance is a very important option since it allows the subscriber, who has lost his main source of income, to benefit. a pension to provide for his needs but also to pay all bills of care related to his condition.

Conditions for benefiting from disability insurance
Have you had an accident or illness that made you disabled? Therefore, by being unable to resume your professional activity, you have lost your salary. By fulfilling certain conditions, you can apply for disability insurance with your insurer. If you have not yet reached the legal retirement age, if your disability and earnings are reduced by at least 2/3, if you have been insured for one year when you were disabled and finally if you have paid for a certain number of working hours, you can then benefit from this disability insurance.

How to apply?
Either you have a medical certificate issued by your doctor, attesting to your disability that you will send to your insurance fund, or it is the medical adviser of your insurance fund that will require a medical check-up for you ensure your inability to resume your professional activity. Once the disability is found, he will offer you a disability pension . In both cases, you must complete a form, the S4150, claiming disability pension, providing all the certificates proving your total or partial disabilitythat you will join your request, without further delay, to your health insurance fund. The examination of the applicant's file may be spread over a period of two months.

After this period, the caisse informs you of the acceptance of your file and assigns you a pension notification with the category to which you are classified and, this, according to the rate of your disability fixed by the health insurance. Either it means a refusal by informing you of the remedies to follow. You can contact your insurance fund to assist you in your application for a disability pension
The planned changes for health

At the end of September 2017, the National Assembly reviews two sensitive issues, including State revenue and the 2018 Social Security Fund. In this second part, a reduction in the overall deficit of the social security system is planned by the executive. Either a record of 3 billion euros to 2.2 billion euros, unprecedented in 17 years. An unlikely goal that the executive intends to reach through important economies in the field of health. Update on the main changes that any French citizen must expect.

The price of tobacco rising
By the end of 2020, the price of the pack of cigarettes will reach € 1O over a gradual increase of 40 to 50 cents per year.

11 new mandatory vaccines to be planned
8 new vaccines will be added to the three already currently required for all newborns from 1 st January 2018. In addition to polio, diphtheria and tetanus, infants should be vaccinated against pertussis, the hepatitis B, measles-mumps-rubella (MMR), pneumococcus, Haemophilus influenzae and meningococcus C.

An increase in pensions and hospital fees
Pensions experiencing an increase of 0.8% since 1 st October 2017, but the index will be taken into account from October 2018 to January 2019.

The hospital package also increases from € 2 per day to € 20 after having been static since 2010.

The Aspa review up
The solidarity allowance for the elderly (Aspa) will increase by € 100 per month in three times. From € 803, it reaches € 903 by 2020 with € 30 more in April 2018, € 35 in January 2019 and € 35 in January 2020.

According to inflation, the annual revaluation will be advanced to January as of 2019.

About family benefits
A revaluation of 30% will be observed on the free supplement choice of childcare (CMG), help with child care, the 1 st October 2018 for single parents.

A revaluation of € 6 will be applied to the family support allowance (ASF) on 1 st April 2018, in addition to alimony provided for single parents income. An increase of € 16.80 per month will also be applied to the Family Supplement plus, paid to large families on the same date.

A thaw will also be attributed to birth and adoption premiums in 2018 to match inflation. The terms of basic resources and the allocation of amounts of the infant accommodation benefit (Paje), for children born or adopted from 1 st July 2018, will be aligned with those of the family supplement.

The activity premium revised upwards
An increase of € 20 per month will be applied to this premium paid to low-income workers, as of October 2018. In parallel, the draft budget law (PLF) also thinks reviewing the scale and resources taken into account for a better distribution revaluation.

Increase of the disabled adult allowance
811 €, the allowance will reach € 860 to 1 st November 2018 to reach € 900 to 1 st November 2019. Meanwhile, some changes will be made to consideration of rules of income of a couple with AAH.

Modification of hospital pricing
The financing of hospitals will undergo a complete overhaul with the introduction of packages that will be based more on the path of the patient than the activity.

Removing the RSI
The general scheme will support the RSI (social self-scheme) from the 1 st January 2018. However, a transitional period of two years will be observed. The self-employed will benefit from a reduction in contributions of - 2.15 points on family contributions. They will also benefit from an increase in the exemption from health and maternity insurance contributions.

All creative and business buyer will also receive a blank year in social security contributions, as of 1 st January 2019, as part of their first year.

Associations and taxes soda
The amount of employer contributions, replacing the tax credit on wages (CITS) allows the non-profit sector to make a savings of 1.4 billion euros per year, from 2019.

MEPs also decided to modulate the "soda tax" according to the sugar rate.
How to choose your pension contract

Foresight is an effective solution to guard against the hazards of life. Several points need to be checked in order to choose the right pension plan .

The goal is to optimize your choice according to your needs and the benefits that the provider offers over time. Indeed, it is not a question of considering the price only (remember that the subscriber can benefit from tax reduction). To help you make the right choice of the pension plan , we offer you this guide with valuable advice.

Tips for choosing your pension plan
Take out a pension plan with a disability rate based on the professional scale instead of a functional and professional cross-rating. It is important to understand the method of calculating the annuity compensation rate in the event of partial disability.

Opt for a product with the lowest intervention threshold of the contract in disability. Verify that the insured is the ordering party to the medical expertise. rivilege a contract that can be terminated at any time without being required to adhere to a fixed deadline. Lump sum compensation is better than compensation for daily benefits and disability if your income varies from one year to the next.

Choose a pension plan that provides coverage up to age 67 rather than age 65. Also give preference to contracts offering extension up to 70 years; this could be useful in case of continued activity.
Ensure that the policy will cover death in old age and that the policy will not be canceled upon retirement.
Analyze exclusions from contracts based on your profession.
How to choose your accounting firm

It is not always easy to choose a chartered accountant . To help you find a true professional who can best manage your activities, here are 6 important points to consider.

Certification and skills of the accountant
To be sure that the accountant is qualified and reliable, it must be verified that he or she is registered on the roll of the accountants . Another important point: make sure that he is competent in your sector of activity so that he can respond effectively to your needs.

The reactivity
In this constantly evolving field, responsiveness is a major asset that the accountant must have. It must therefore keep you informed of changes in accounting, legal, social and tax legislation in synchronous mode. Its purpose is to help you equip yourself with the best devices according to the law in force. In addition, the role of advisor, which is conferred on him by the leader, causes him to react promptly.

The availability
The chartered accountant must be free to contact or meet him! To make sure, make sure he is not too busy with his existing customers. The best is to have a professional who works with other people. If not, the number of clients to manage should not be important.

Geographic proximity
A chartered accountant nearby is rather appreciated, but it is not an essential criterion for all companies. Others also prefer to use a qualified professional accountant online. In addition to ease of access, the accountant's office must be well equipped with the necessary infrastructure. Do not hesitate to contact a chartered accountant in Lorient .

The equipment
The accountant must also have the necessary technical equipment and control it. An effective technical service requires adequate resources such as: IT tools, payroll management tools among others.

The fees
The quality-price ratio of the service provided must be collectible. In other words, the proposed benefit must be worth the fees of a public accountant. It should be noted that the rate often depends on skills, seniority, the quality of its services, its reputation and the cost structure (which may vary depending on the size of the rent charges).

While some accountants define their fees contractually in advance, others offer flat rates.